Routing Number 314074269

All available information about the routing number 314074269.

The 314074269 routing number is assigned to USAA Federal Savings Bank. The Routing Number 314074269 is used to facilitate electronic transfers (ACH transfers) between bank accounts, and for automated electronic payments, like direct deposits and bill payments.

The Routing Number 314074269 is also used for Fedwire Routing for larger amounts between banks and financial institutions.

USAA Federal Savings Bank use only one ABA routing number for all regions.

314074269 Routing Number.

314074269 routing number

314074269 FedACH Routing

Name: USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288
Phone: 210-456-8039
Type: Main Office
Servicing Fed’s Main Office : 111000038, Po Box 291, Minneapolis, MN
Status: Active
Change Date: 09/25/2009
routing 314074269 number

314074269 Fedwire Routing

Name: USAA Federal Savings Bank
Telegraphic Name: USAA FEDL SA
San Antonio, TX
Funds Transfer Status: Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status: Ineligible
Revision Date: 07/28/2005
Routing Number 314074269
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